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HbA1c Calculator

HbA1c calculator is known as hemoglogin A1c, a blood test that measure the blood suger over past few months it works an indecator that  how you control glucose level in blood over the time.

Hemoglobin is the protein that carry oxygen overall the body throughout blood and red color of blood is due to hemoglobin . When blood suger attached into hemoblobin,it forms a glycated hemoglobin refered as HbA1c. The amount of glucose that combine to hemoglobin directly proprotional to amount of total amount of glucose in the bloodstream, So, measuring HbA1c level provide you an estimate of average suger level over the lifespan of a cell(2 to 3 months).

Normal range of HbA1c level`in a diabativ patient should be below 5.7% but for the diabetic patient it would be difficult to maintain it without any healthcare professional , so to maintain the HbA1c level patien should be recommended to his physician.

Calculate HbA1c

To calculate the estimated average blood glucose (eAG) from Hemoglobin A1c(HbA1c) level. You can calculate by using the formula that is provided to American diabetic Association:


This formula that is provided above is used to calculate  the blood suger over past 2 to 3 months.

Now to calculate HbA1c from eGA , you can rearrange this formula as

             HbA1c= eGA+46.7 / 28.7

1: If you have HbA1c and want to Find eGA

  • Multiply HbA1c  percentage by 28.7
  • Substract 46.7 from the result
  • In this way you can findout eatimated average glucose in mg/dL.

2:If you have eGA and want to find HbA1c

  • Add 46.7 intoyour eGA level
  • Divide the result by28.7
  • This gives youthe estimated HbA1c  percentage

It is provided an estimate but individual should to consult to his physicians or healthcare professional to consult according to his health and physical activities.